Greetings! You have chosen to come here because the universe has aligned with your wishes to re:discover the roots of Yoga, and engage in an ancient bodily art form that has long been undermined, and domesticated. Here you will find yoga, in its raw unadulterated form, as well as in its modern tangents. From the studio to the open wilderness of the world. Yoga to me is a means and not an end, it is far from a display of beauty, but does goes beyond aesthetics as a technique for engaging our true biology, natural movement, and primal awareness. If you are here, you already know that yoga can be done anywhere and at almost anytime, and its limitations are only imposed by the discipline one has for this martial art. Yoga is simulatenously a stoic practice, an ancient belief system, an artistic rendering of the human form, and a way of life.
Mathieu Daigneault
Mathieu Daigneault
“My time doing yoga with this man was always fulfilling. Even if Braydon is a master of his art, I felt respected for what I can accomplish with my experience doing yoga. At the end, I knew that he was able to teach me the way to become a shapeshifter!”

Mathieu Daigneault

Irena Bliss at Moira River
I so appreciated playing in yoga with Braydon – in early morning, evening or partner practice. His fluid presence invites us into a space of exploration and wonder, honouring the soft animal of our body and deep connection with Mother Earth.Thank you Braydon for guiding this playful soul journey ‘home’!  : )

Irena Bliss

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